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It’s not just sugar

Disappointed at yet another news piece about sugar being solely responsible for the current epidemic of rotten teeth in our children / young people.  Poor oral hygiene is also a key player in what is a preventable malady.   Children as young as 3 years old  are being admitted to hospital to have ALL THEIR MILK TEETH removed – an appalling state of affairs.

Our Dental Playbox Project visits settings for the under 5s and educates children through the powerful medium of play not only how to look after their mouth, gums and teeth but also the importance of regular visits to the dentist.

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Our DENTAL PLAYBOX PROJECT is pleased to see the current media coverage (as are we!) of the amount of sugar in foods aimed at children and young people.  However we believe that this is not the only contributory factor to the epidemic sweeping the country at present.   We firmly believe that EDUCATION / PREVENTION is also a key player.  Over the last 8 years we have proved that our DENTAL PLAYBOX through the medium of play, helps improve the knowledge of the under 5s with regard to looking after their milk teeth and visiting the dentist regularly.

We visit settings along with Archie, Alex and Connie (our Playbox Puppets) and various other resources including role play costumes, story books, toothbrushes / toothpaste and much more.  Our trained facilitators engage the children allowing them to clean the puppets teeth and join in with other interactive activities. A teacher’s resource pack is left at every setting to enable the staff to continue with and build upon this valuable lesson.

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The mental health service lets down the children of Britain yet again.

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN is concerned with the recent reporting on the further failings by the mental health service for children in Britain.

Children are being left to wait months for treatment with a number of them ending up on adult psychiatric wards as there is nowhere else for them to go.

With mental health problems in young people on the rise and the length of waiting lists growing, the situation has been labelled by the press as a ‘nightmare’.

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN wants this problem resolved and supports changes to improve the treatment of young people in the mental health service.

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Dental Playbox Project

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN’S Dental Playbox Project aims to teach children through play about the importance of dental care and healthy eating. Funded through sessions and sponsorships, the project has been endorsed by NHS England and The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Dental Playbox began in order to target the increasing number of children being hospitalised because of tooth decay. 2013 saw the project increase in not only the number of sessions but also in the total number of children seen, which motivates ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN to drive this project and continue the good work.

March 2014 sees the restructure of the staffing levels for the project which will push Dental Playbox forward through expansion and allow for new opportunities.

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN are delighted with the success of the Dental Playbox Project and are excited to see what the future holds.

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Children’s Psychiatric Care on Adult Wards

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN’S chairman Pamela Barnes says that the treatment of under-18s on adult psychiatric wards must be stopped.

NHS rules state that children with mental disorders should never be treated on adult wards.

Despite the government’s promise to put an end to this issue by 2010 research by The Royal College of Psychiatrists shows that a third of children and teenagers admitted every year are still ending up on an adult unit.

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN wants an end to this practise.

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Norah Rees 2013 Award Winner

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN’S Norah Rees 2013 Award has been won by Mrs Denise Holley, a post-graduate at King’s College, London. The award is given for the best Master’s degree dissertation by a nurse or healthcare professional.

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN’S chairman Pamela Barnes gave the award to the health and social care research student, from South-East London, during a ceremony.

Norah Rees left a legacy to Action for Sick Children, of which she had been a long-time supporter, hence the name of the annual award.

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ASC support the ban on smoking in cars carrying children

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN is supporting the proposed change to ban smoking in cars carrying children, in England and Wales, by 2015.

With research showing that around 300,000 children in the UK visit their GPs due to the effects of second-hand smoke, No 10 has said that the law will come into force before the next general election.

ACTION FOR SICK CHILDREN are pleased with news that the government has finally initiated this change to improve children’s health in England and Wales.